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A yearly shitshow on the campus of Villanova that is the sickest fucking weekend of the year. On these days the greatest collection of bosses and slampieces gather on west campus for a ragefest to end all rages. Natty ice is downed like african kids chug water, and pussy is pounded like ground meat is beat in a butcher shop. It is the fucking greatest 48 hour period in the history of history.
Guy 1- "Remember last year at novafest when you fucked those three fat chicks, threw up in the church, and tried to ring the Alumni hall bell but passed out on the stairs"?

Guy 2- "No but I'm the fucking man"

Guy 1- "When is Erin having her baby?"

Guy 2- "Dude Novafest was nine months ago. When the fuck do you think she's having it?"
by BlackOutWithYourSackOut March 27, 2011
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