The area of northern virginia that borders Washington D.C. Fairfax, Arlington, Annadale and Alexandria. The NOVA area is completly diffrent than your average southern virginia with more of an East Coast attitude as opposed to slow pace attitude of the rest of virginia. People from NOVA proudly distingish themselvs from the rest of virgnia as being more urbanized and modern.
Jake: Your from Virgina ? You must do nothing but tip cows all day..

Tim: Its not even like that, I am from NOVA man we dont have cows anywhere around here.
by C-Lever December 10, 2006
A bad-ass muscle car with the right owner. It's potential and classic lines is highly underrated. Thanks to Quentin Tarantino's "Death Proof", The classic Chevy Nova not only was re-born on this motion picture but also used as a weapon. It's calling- to be resurrected in full glory and strike fear in ricers nationwide. Manufactured in the U.S from 1962-1979, but after 72' safety standards had to do some surgery to it's ass, redesigning the bumpers for reinforcing impact, a hatchback style look. Then getting carried away they changed the grill, the look of the headlight and tail light assembly- Ultimately making it look ugly as fuck and deserves to be called a Nova (no-go in Spanish). Just when the 4th gen. nightmare was over, the movie Gung Ho came true. In 1985-1988, GM and Toyota shook hands thinking they designed something beautiful and re-created the Nova only embarrassing it's predecessor more. The car came off the assembly line looking like a trailer trash's dream car only because Cletus and his Wife Sunshine knew they wouldn't be able to afford one for another 10 or 20 years.
Keep your Nova primed because what really matters is what's under the hood.
by Vigilanty July 13, 2009
Some of the people who wrote definitions here are wrong! A Nova is not a Vauxhall made from 1983-1993, it's a Chevy made from 1962-1979 (later from 1985-1988).

Originally called the Chevy II (the Nova name was used for the highest trim level), all trim levels were named "Nova" by 1968. There are 4 different generations of the original Nova: 1962-65, 1966-67, 1968-74, and 1975-79.

Other milestones include the addition of Chevy's famous SS package in 1963 (renamed "Nova Rally" in 1977), and a 9C1 police package in 1975.

For 1985, the Nova name was used on a rebadged Toyota Corolla & continued until 1988.

Personally, I prefer the Novas of the 70's, but whatever your preference, the Nova is an awesome car. Not only does it look cool, but it has performance to match (especially the SS models), so you can own just about any ricer out there today!
(ricer with Honda Civic): Yo yo yo, you wanna race, homeboy?

(guy with '76 Nova SS): Please, go screw yourself.

(ricer): You chicken, sucka?

(Nova guy): (sigh) OK, fine.

(the light goes green. No contest here, the Nova leaves the Civic in the dust.)

(ricer): Aw shit, my VTEC didn't kick in, yo!
by swat1975 March 16, 2009
A community college in northen virginia for university rejects
I'm only going to nova, but I'm transfering next semester.
by JC May 27, 2004
A beautiful girl who is extremely unique. Everything about her is enchanting and the more you see her the more you want to get to know her. Novas blow you away with the misterious but beautiful look in their green eyes and they are the first person you go to for advidce. Nova is not just a cluster fuck of stars, shes more than that. Novas tend to be able to stand their ground and are extremely independent. They dont need a man by their side, they were raised differently. Having a beautiful voice and many talents, you are lucky to have a Nova in your life.
by CactusFlower729 April 25, 2013
Northern Virginia. A place where people are better than everyone else. In Nova everything is better than the rest of the country, especially the crap in southern Virginia
"Honestly dude, Nova is so chill, there are alot of cool people there, you should probably go check it out some time
by brookser April 13, 2010
The greatest place on Earth. God's own country.
"You're from NoVA?"
"You are a golden god"
by Captain Chris May 28, 2005
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