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You WISH you were her or that she wanted you. She is Not Your Bitch
1. Sasrobin is jealous because he can't have notyourbitch.

2. I am notyourbitch.
by Wouldn't You Like to Know November 06, 2004
#1.A girl on dead journal who stalks Random questions looking for unsuspecting male victims who she then ambushes and makes them her bitch.She then ties them to her bed and uses them as her personal living sex toy.She feeds them crackers to keep their strength up.

#2.Captain Jack Sparrows girl friend.
#1.Omgz,omgz,it is notyourbitch,run for your life's boys.

#2.OMGZ,i wantz toz plaza wit Ur cockz,yum,yum.

#3.Polly want a cracker.
by Robin November 06, 2004

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