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These definitions were left out of my original submission to UD, back in 2004:

1) everything outside the box, or everything not in 'the box.'
2) a state of dwelling/existing outside 'the box,"
3) living in a completely self-defined and not necessarily definable Universe
Most people speak in terms of 'thinking outside the box'; those of us who dwell entirely 'outside the box' - whose very Life is 'other than box' - exist in another, undefinable space that is "notopos."
by Jonas Moses, ABD December 05, 2006
Coined from Greek and Latin, originally defined as "nowhere" or "no place." This word was coined and first published by Jonas Moses, in 1987. While originally intended as an inside joke between college friends, the word "notopos" has re-appeared frequently over the past ten or more years (seen in one publication or another since the early 1990's) in reference to lofty ideas such as universal enlightenment, to everyday observations about Life and human relationships and, more pragmatically, as the name of a company engaged in Internet-based business services.
1) {Philosophy} "Where can Truth be found, my friend? In 'notopos,' of course!"

2) {Slang} "Dude, don't let her get to you...that woman is 'notopos!'"

3) {Business}: "'notopos univers' wishes to announce it new Cell and Tissue Engineering Division."
by Jonas Moses November 10, 2004
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