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if yr notedge you can smoke, drink, and fuck till the day you die.
some scene kids are straightedge. others are notedge.
by marisa mafiga May 05, 2007
till the day i die.
contrasting to STRAIGHT EDGE faggots, not edge kids are always the life of the party.

"you need to rollll another joint dude. "
"you think you can handle it?"
"dude, iiimm not-edge, i can handdddle anything."
by ara. March 11, 2008
drink-smoke-fuck till the day i die
to all the straight edge kids--
maybe you wouldn't be so damn uptight if you'd live a little.
You one of those christians that act like they have sand in there vaginas?

Nah, i'm not-edge.
by diglet May 26, 2008