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the ability not to bob while oral sex, as in deep throat while laying on your back
she has the most amazing notbob technique that i have ever seen!
by Anonymous September 01, 2003
A pleasant fellow called Rob or Robert who absolutely hates being called "Bob" mainly because his name begins with "R", not "B"
Yes, it's just another mundane day in NotBob's office...
by NotBob562 March 07, 2009
An alternate screen name used by someone in a flame war. A Not-Bob acts as a "friend" who repeats the arguments of one side to create the illusion of popular support. Picked-on members may also create Not-Bobs to defend themselves. Also called a sock puppet.
Bob: I wrote a new Harry Potter fanfic!
Not-Bob: Oh my god, you're the best author ever!
by DavaKB August 22, 2006