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when you hang out with someone when both parties are interested in each other romantically but it is not a defined date
On our notadate we went to the movies and then sat and talked. Soon I'll ask her out on a real date.
by drumchic June 01, 2010
Usually prounouced NAD. n-ah-d as in the second half of gonads.

1) A setting where 2 people meet usually prior to a date; at coffee or ice cream to evaluate the other person preceding an actual date
2) A social meeting where 2 people may appear to be on a date (either at dinner, miniature golfing, a movie, ect) but if asked will deny the “date” and state with great intensity “we are just friends”
Shelley: How was the NAD (Not A Date) last night?
Sam: Oh we went for ice cream, but she has 4 cats . . . .
Shelley: are you going to go see a movie with her tonight
Sam: she has 4 cats . . . .
Shelley: so I guess I am going to have some sort of mental breakdown that will prevent you from going on a the date
Sam: not one, not two, but 4 cats . .

Shelley: but you keep NADding her!
Sam: it’s a really good not a relationship
by Bessie Lou November 06, 2009
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