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A girl that you like, do/buy things for, yet aren't officially dating due to a variety of reasons including, but not limited to:
1. One set of parents forbids dating. 2. You want to avoid the drama that comes along with dating. 3. If one of your/her exes finds out, you/she is gunna get they butt kicked.
Guy 1: "Dude your girlfriend is Hot!"
Guy 2: "No man she's my "not girlfriend," Her Mom would kill me if she found out we're dating."
by Who-Di-Freaking-Yah April 07, 2009
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When a guy has a female friend whom he buys things for, takes out on dates, drives places, etc, yet the girl insists she is not his girlfriend (and, of course, does not put out).
If a guy takes a girl to a fancy dinner for her birthday (just the two of them), gets her a pricy gift, and is told how great a friend he is: She's his not girlfriend.
by Mr Dee December 19, 2007
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A girl you deeply care about and act like you're dating and everyone THINKS your dating but due to personal or outward forces/choices, you currently can't be boyfriend/girlfriend, but you like to act like you are half the time snuggle-wise.
Tara is totally in love with Justin, but she's eighteen and he's sixteen and she knows his mom will get her arrested, so she's his not-girlfriend.
by TatiBG October 17, 2012
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The exact opposite of friends with benefit. It's like having a girlfriend but with all the bad parts and none of the good parts. You go through all the boyfriend/girlfriend drama and there's no making out, no hugging, holding hands, NONE of the good stuff. The worst possible relationship you can have with a girl, worse than being in the friend zone.
Jon: Yo, where's Michael at?
Alex: He's back there with his not-girlfriend, they're arguing about something.
Jon: Offff course they are.
by Zanach August 30, 2012
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A girl that you care about very much and she cares about you too but for some reason, past experiences etc. She is too terrified to commit to being your "Girlfriend". You are exclusive, you do most of the things you would do with a "Girlfriend" just don't sport the title yet.
Who was that beautiful girl you were with at the movies last night? That was Nat, she's my "not-Girlfriend".
by Frodo_the_Wise September 03, 2016
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