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rubbing ones nose, getting faster and faster, until you sneeze
he rubbed his nose so hard he had a nose orgasm
by Scuffs October 06, 2006
A nose orgasm is when a person sneezes. If you sneeze, it is considered to have a nose orgasm. A sick person may have multiple nose orgasms in a day. A person with llergies may also, have multiple nose orgasms in a day. There are medications to help prevent nose orgasms during nose orgasms.
Usually, when someone is having a nose orgasm, it is when the nerve endings of the mucus membranes of the nose are irritated, due to the swelling of the membrane, for example, when a foreign object such as a gnat invades our nose, when we have a cold or when flu or allergy season arises.

Man, are you ok?

Oh, yea. I'm fine. I just had a nasal orgasm.

You mean, a nose orgasm?

Same thing.
by Rachel192 December 06, 2010
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