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Also known as a booger.
Hey, check out my collection of magical nose goblins!
by redhed311 May 03, 2005
39 73
a special creature that lives in your nose that is always happy to keep you company when boredom strikes.
resembles the shreddies blue monster but he is green and bogeylike!
by biggles and ponky December 10, 2003
100 15
what i go mining for when i am bored at work
cripes... look at the size of that nose goblin. it's all green and bloody
by spanky July 10, 2003
113 29
Big boogers that you want to keep because you couldn't believe you just picked them from your own nose.
Look at all the nose goblins I wiped under my seat!
by February 10, 2004
42 15
A large mass of mucous picked from your nose. A very large booger.
He should stop picking his nose and blow it properly. He's been pulling out nosegoblins.
by EnigManic February 06, 2009
2 2