(n) a term used to describe a midday session of cocaine use, often ritualized by line cooks during their most stressful shift of the week.
"hey, i'm beat, let's take a break real quick for a nose brunch"
by chefgirlRD August 08, 2014
Top Definition
The act of snorting an "internet drug" that is also a stimulant in order to both skip breakfast and avoid purchasing lunch whilst at work because one would rather spend his or her 'earnt' cash on drugs rather than the essential nutrients their body so desperately craves.
"I walked into Tesco during our lunch hour and decided to spend my quid and ten pence on a gram of ethylphenidate rather than an own brand sausage and egg sandwich. You gotta love a Nose Brunch"
by Rolfy Wants a Cuddle September 01, 2014

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