A hellish wasteland of perverted north shore stuck up ritch snobs and suberban ass clowns who voted for George W. Bush and cops with nothing to do but bust on the punks. see: hell purgetory berb
Damn, i got to get the fuck out of northbrook
by rancidlab182 December 24, 2003
Top Definition
A northern suburb of Chicago that was home to film director John Hughes who directed Sixteen Candles Ferris Bueller's Day Off and The Breakfast Club. Also made famous for being home to Glenbrook North High School where some high school chicks decided to beat the shit out of eachother and call it a powder puff football game.
Northbrook may be hella boring but at least it's not Glenview.
by x tizz June 30, 2006
Worst town to ever move into. The people there are very snobby and rich. The peer group leaders who appear as "role models" at the GBN high school are actually just whores, drunks, or whatever other bad kids there are. If you are not cool in this school you are left with a bunch of lifeless dorks. The "popular" kids are rich out of their F******g minds along with everyone else who lives there. GBS is the way to go if anything. Theres absolutely nothing to do in this shithole of a town.
Rich kid: northbrook is sooo awesome! were the best!
other kid: f*ck you skank, rich whore. everyone hates you retards
by Ihatenorthbrook June 19, 2011
Band based out of College Park Maryland, with Ryan Mentzos on vocals, keyboard and guitar, Steve Miscolczi on drums, and Sean McCamman on Bass.

They are a talented group who pull from bands like The Graduate, Brand New, The Sophomore Attempt, The Early November, Taking Back Sunday, Say Anything, Fall Out Boy, Jimmy Eat World, Relient K, Death Cab For Cutie, Kevin Devine, Northstar

Say what you want but Northbrook kicks ass!!!!
by thewhosa November 10, 2009
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