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Blue Ribbon high school in Annandale, New Jersey. Known for it's laughable football team in recent years among other things. Recently met local headlines with the forced testing of 13 seniors for blood alcohol, whose tests all turned out negetive. The New Jersey radio station WXKW 101.5 is now holding a "second prom" for those who missed out because of the dumb-assed administration. Principal Hughes has been rightly called a douche for this, and is too much of a pussy to even back up his reasons for doing so.
North Hunterdon High School's Mr. Hughes can go suck a dick.
by freelancer685 June 13, 2006
1. a high school
2. #1 high scchool in new jersey
3. has a stupid board.
4. has some great teachers
5. a stupid school but still better than round valley middle school
I lo... i mean hate north hunterdon high school.
by ham_sandwich August 10, 2003
A pretty big rival of Del Val.
Lucy:"Hey, look. There go our football guys again, kicking the asses of them North Hunterdon people."
Mary: "Um, we beat everyone."
by Jersey Girl February 21, 2004
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