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A person that is not quite hipster, not quite normal, the best of both worlds. Person that does not posses the typical qualities of a hipster (VERY judgemental, tight pants, always wears scarfs, complicated hairdo, claims to be in a band, drinks only PBR, lives off mom and dad, complains, denies being a hipster, superiority towards non-hipsters) and a normal person but has qualities of both. Person that knows hipsters but doesn't fit the typical hipster look. Has more of fashion sense more than a normal but does not try so hard to look like a hipster. A tweener of both worlds. Possess both positive qualities of a hipster and a normal.
hmmm he's got a hip shirt on but the pants arent too tight. yup, that's a normster there.

by nrabanal May 23, 2008
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