Loud generation of non sequiturs punctuated by self touching
I couldn't follow that normish presentation -- is that guy a baseball player or a product manager?
by Winston Smith September 12, 2003
Top Definition
A type of behaviour where no logic is used to get from the start to end, quite frequently creates more work for other entities with no clear goal in its vision upsetting everyone who comes in contact with this behaviour.
He sent out this normish email to everyone he could think of, even though two people could have accomplished.
by Stanwise May 19, 2004
That which represents anything with the qualities of Norm. Big in stature and AzN!
That girl was quite Normish!
by Cy December 03, 2004
A transitional word for someone who is leaving behind the shackles of norm culture and embracing the deep dark void of spicy meme's and sp00k culture.
Boi: Yo, Heather is on her normish grind , saving her mind one meme at a time
by Sp00kB0i June 25, 2016
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