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An exotic female with an emphasis on the "r" and spelled with a K, not a C. One who is very mysterious and unforgettable.

How many Norka's do you know? Ah, not many..

Those who hold the name range from usually hispanic, latin or european ethnicities. Quite mysterious creatures they are.
Random boy working at starbucks: "And your name please?"
Girl: "Norka"
Random boy working at starbucks: "wha.."
Girl: "Norrrrka"
Random boy working at starbucks: *Jizz
Girl: Winky face and then gets her coffee fo free

#norka #(exotic #european #latin #hispanic #sexy
by badgalsmartgal March 06, 2013
Noun: One who exhibits silly or odd qualities in a fun-like fashion.
Look at that norka over there, dancing naked through the forest and yelling, "Hey everybody, I started a forest fire!" This kind of norka is one norka of a norka.
by Jimmy Nucca April 10, 2004
A word that is a NON-Racist way to say Nucca, as nucca can be derived as racist. Made up by a white person, but can be used by all of the races.

Used mostly to your call friends.
"Hey norka, how you been?"
"Man, quit playin' norka."
by James Norka April 05, 2004
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