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An uncurable social disease. Someone who does not go away from an online community where nobody likes him and he knows absolutely nothing about, but claims to. Constantly rejected from his peers, being harassed and getting all his possesions destroyed can not get rid of this social menace.
* nopic has joined #channel
<nopic> hi guyz who wantz t0 help me out
* nopic has quit IRC (Z:lined (Get Out))
<peer1> oh god it's that dumbass nopic again. Didn't he just get owned like 6 times already?
<peer2> ya that kid is like a disease
* n0p1c has joined #channel
<n0p1c> lolz guyz, y u ban me
* n0p1c has quit IRC (Z:lined (Because you won't leave))
by NSA` August 30, 2006
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