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a synonym for a sexually-attractive male who monopolizes the women around him; in other words, he is "pimpin'"
"Wow, he is such a nooruddin."

"Oh lawd, I'm so jealous of that nooruddin, because he be gettin' all the girls."
#handsome #sexy #attractive #beast #pimp
by Mohiuddin Ahmed December 06, 2008
1. noun, An extremely good looking male who cannot be resisted by the women.

2. noun, A person who sings with an exceptionally amazing voice.
Did you see that nooruddin?! OMG i have to get his number!

Hi my name is Nooruddin.
Girl: Hi heres my number.

The American Idol finalist sings like a total nooruddin.

Please dont sing like a nooruddin, you're gonna melt my heart.
#hot #sexy #sing #voice #vocals
by dizzlefoshizzlemanizzle May 03, 2009
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