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Internet slang for someone who “owns” someone else. A noonah has completely debunked the other user’s false assertion or has totally reversed the other’s pathetic attempts at insult. The person owned is considered to be “pwnt” or “pwned” or “pwn3d” in leet (i.e “l33t”) internet language.
You repetitive, incoherent, illiterate dumbass, you are incapable of deciphering the simplest post. Can you read? Can you respond with any creativity? You’re pwnt all over every board and chat room you’re on. Master noonahs don’t even waste time talking to you unless it’s to show an apprentice noonah how it’s done. Any cut & run pasted response by a tard qualifies them as a noonah over you. The only sensible part of you dribbled down your mother’s thighs.
by honestI May 14, 2007
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The iPhone's default auto-correct word for when you type the word boobies.
Text I recieved: Dude, check out that girl's noonahs!

Response: Her what?

Text I recieved: Damned iPhone auto corrected b o o b i e s to noonahs. I hate this stupid phone.
by keikai86 February 21, 2010
fool, doing something silly
Not like that you noo-nah
by Charles Beaumont August 11, 2007
A stupid korean slave dancer.
Wow! Look at that kid Unjoo, what a fucking noonah.
by Big Nukkah May 25, 2004

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