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pocessing noob-like qualities.
He was so noobular, he got pwned on WOW!
by annie666 November 04, 2007
Adj: a way of describing surprisingly cool acts done by a noob.
Combination of the words noob and tubular(surfer expression)
Girl: "Did you see the way Ryan just scored with Jessica? He's never even been past first base before!"
Boy: "Noobular!!!!"
by JefferyScottLewis February 05, 2008
an adjective that descibes someone who either sucks at a game or is new to a game.
Noob misses shot By a mile, consequently, he dies shortly there after by you

You: he sucks...
Friend: he is so noobular...
by Gaming Protocal November 04, 2007
This would be a total noob that pretty much has no knowledge of how to play the game. This one was actually the name of a player online who was called Noobular and pretty much made people feel like super noobs. So there ya go.
Your such a noobular, deinstall (whateva) the game right now.
by Flesh May 23, 2005