A noob-slinger is one who kills many noobs in a video game. i.e. Call of Duty 4 & 5, Resistance and Resistance 2, Killzone, etc.
the term "noob" is simply another way to spell "newb", which is short for "newbie". The "slinger" part of the word originally came from Gun Slinger. A noob-slinger is simply a highly skilled player who kills the other layers with ease.
noobslinger: adjective; noun Dude you are such a noobslinger!
noobsling: verb; adverb You better watch out before I noobsling you!
noobslung: verb, past You just got noobslung!
noobslinging: verb; adverb Lets go noobslinging!
by noobslinger February 19, 2009

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