Getting pwned by a noob.
In Pavlov's terms, "You got served."
CSnoob: LOLZ! Headshot, sucka.
CSpro: Shuddap, you have hax.
CSmaster: LOLSTERS! You got noobified.
by nWo roolz March 29, 2005
Top Definition
when a pro has been away from gaming for so long, their skills
become merely adequate and they don't pwn as hard as they usually would.
"I've been away for so long that I'm noobified man. I mean is this a keyboard? I don't know.....Is this a mouse? I don't know?"

pro1 "hey man whats wrong why are you teh suck? you usually pwn."

pro2 "I'm completely noobified man. I just got back from the Dominican Repub."
by teh vantangler February 22, 2008
when a noob gets pwned worst then they ever did
just pwned: soul breaker hits Noob for 5000 damage

Noobified: Soul Breaker hits for 15000000 Damage...
fucking pwned amiright?
by Brettx November 12, 2007
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