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A noob who is screaming in excitement while reading some obsolete, obvious or outdated information about hacking, cracking, phreaking or just geek stuff is most likely experiencing a noobgasm. He seems to have found the greatest source of wisdom and power but in reality he just stumbled over essential information.

Noobgasms are happening pretty often on sites like
"Whoooo MAN!!! I've found the complete documentation of the mail protocol on a page called RFC 821 on a site that looks like it has confidential information on it!! THAT'S SOOOOOO COOOOL!!!! AHHH... AAAAAHHHHHH... COOOOOL". The guy screaming and laughing and giggling like hell is having one of his first noobgasms.
by th3h0bbit September 13, 2006
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When someone seems noobish by getting excited in a game just because he/she did a simple feat such as a head shot runnin someone over, etc.
Noob: Oh my god did you just see that awsome kill. I just got a head shot.whooo hooo that reminds me of the time i got a splatter on halo it was awsome!!!!

Me:Dude stop havin a Noobgasm.
by Jeremy Rodriguez April 29, 2008
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n. when you can hear a noob pleasure himself on his halo mic. possibly the stupidest thing ever.
noobgasm on halo: "aaaaaaaah, ahhh, ahhh, my sister's hot, aaaah"
by Hay seus August 02, 2006
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n. When you can hear a noob pleasure himself through his halo mic... I think they are attracted to Master Chief's ass... I haven't quite figured it out.
v. To have a noobgasm.
n. "dude noobgasms are so nasty"
v. Redneck noobgasming: "aaaaah, ahhh, my sister is hot, aaaaah, aaaah!"
by Gjelstiznles August 01, 2006
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n. When you can hear a redneck/geek on halo pleasuring himself. They usually happen during Big Team Battle games... I guess rednecks/geeks can't contain themselves when they see spartan ass... I haven't quite figured it out yet.
Redneck having a noobgasm: "Ahhhhh, ahhh yeah, aaaaaah, aaaaah, be right back guys im gonna go beat my wife."
by Gjelstiznles August 02, 2006
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online gaming victory because of the ineptitude of other numerous noobs
Dude, I got 75 kills on Roblox Phantom Forces yesterday with my silenced Dragunov. Total noobgasm!
by fusaker August 07, 2016
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