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by the latin suffix of both minjaro and tactular to be 7(minjaro) times 4(tactular) the amount of noob you are. Thus being 28x the horrible living being that one could ever expect to be. This is almost certainly followed by suicide.

Noob a(latin for times) Min(jaro) tactular

"I swear to god man i'll get my big brother after you and he benches like 1000lbs and he'll get you and....HOLD ON MOM!! I'LL TAKE OUT THE TRASH IN A SEC!!.....yea dude i'll kick your butt i'm so big man...i'm like 8-2 with machine gun and stuff...dude i'll kick your butt...NO MOM COME ON DONT TAKE MY ALLOWANCE AWAY!!!"
-the noobamintactular-
"thats the farthest i've ever been noob-i-fied in my life and he definatly qualifies as a noobamintactular"
#noobaminzilla #noob-sympathizer #n0ob #noob-didily-doo #no-man's-noob
by Joe Pepler October 04, 2006
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