A more affectionate term for noob. Meaning stupid geek. No good at games.
What did you do that for you noob stick?
by evuppy November 08, 2011
A stick used to beat on people who are new to gaming at a LAN party, or people who are often unliked.
Somegamer123 brought speakers to the LAN party so we had to beat him with the noob stick.
by bbene August 28, 2006
A noob stick is a term used to describe a rocket launcher in a online video game such as Call of duty 4. It is called a stick due to its shape and nooby because it is normally the only gun noobs can get kills with due to its large splash radius.
Noob: Wow I am totally pro I just got 3 kills with the rocket launcher.
Player: Put down the noob stick scrub and use a real gun.
by Colll October 25, 2008
like on halo 3 when your playing a game of swords and you parry them they throw a plasma grenade on you
alex the noob is using his gay noob stick and its pissing me off
by miguel5515 March 01, 2008
May Come From Runescape (RS) meaning a cheap/weak weapon that is usally wielded by Noobs, usally its a dagger or a shortsword.
Also it is refered as a cheap/weak weapon that noob or a player is proud about.
Player: look a this weapon weopon i bought from the Store
You: OMFG look at that noob stick! NOOB!!!

Player: Look at this bronze long sword I just got
You: What are u on about? thats a well noob stick u lamo
by Skyrazza October 03, 2006
In the game Return to castle wolfenstein or et the garrand m1 can be used by an engineer as an grenade launcher. Ppl call it noobisch bcuz its ez to doge.
eng:hahaha grenade up ur ass!
~medic doge the grenade and shoot the eng through his head~
medic:Headshot noobstick eng!!!
by !van September 10, 2005
A n00b who sucks so much, he could easily be owned by another n00b, when said other n00b is using only a wooden stick.
That n00b stick just got owned...with only a stick.
by JonnyKtyler April 29, 2005

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