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wow that ogl scrub is using the noob stick.
by chuck January 06, 2004
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may originate from counterstrike but now it means the cheap ass close range sword used in Halo 2.

noobs use it (cheap ass fuckers) and get killed bye it (cause all they can suck is ass)
Play live all day long and dont using the FUCKING noob stick you fucking noob . . . (dual wield plasma rifle/plasma pistol!!!)
by Master Chief December 01, 2004
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An unfair weapon, normally one that kills in one strike.

The auto shotty in CS, the plasma sword/ rocket launcher in Halo
Player 1: Haha! You just got pwnt!!
Player 2: Yeah, well the fr00b was using a noob stick.
by Laguna L September 26, 2005
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A noob stick a PC players way to refer to a joystick or joypad used for gaming consoles.
GamingConsolePlayer: How about a game of Halo?
PCPlayer: Playing with a noob stick? Why don't you come play a real game on a real computer?
by Bjerge May 12, 2006
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The Controller for a Console.
(Xbox, PS, Wii) etc.
Using the term Noobstick usually comes from the rather entitled Keyboard and Mouse user.
As used in Pure Pwnage by Jeremy.
Yeah id rather be using my Keyboard and Mouse next to this Noobstick.
by OnFiRe. November 30, 2007
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The panzerfaust in Wolfenstein, or Wolfenstein ET. Only used when referring to this weapon in the hands of an unskilled player.
Battle Magic keeps TKing everyone with that Noob Stick
by The Professor November 07, 2003
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A stick used to beat on people who are new to gaming at a LAN party, or people who are often unliked.
Somegamer123 brought speakers to the LAN party so we had to beat him with the noob stick.
by bbene August 28, 2006
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