The noob cannon is a weapon, usually a gun, that is used by people who lack the skills to play the game at a higher level. Therefore, they use the noob cannon to kill people because it gives them the advantage over the people using the average respectable weapon. People who use the noob cannon are often disliked by fellow gamers and are often met with profanity.
In the Socom series, two noob cannons are the F90 and MK.
by CCC ol 908 January 03, 2007
In Americas Army it is the RPG-7. It just blows up anything it hits or in the general area. It is also called the "ROE Cannon" because it has a tendance to TK. If you stand behind the person shooting you will die and the explosion radius is so high that it will probably get teammates.
Player was blown up by DysfunctionalFORCE's rocket
DysfunctionalFORCE attacked teammate Player1
DysfunctionalFORCE attacked teammate Player2
Player 2: Wtf n00b cannon.
by Dysfunction January 10, 2004
1. In Battlefield Bad Company 1: The Artillery gun used by the U.S. and Russian teams to rape the objective base currently being contested.

2. In Bad Company 2: The M2 Carl Gustaf AT launcher and the chainguns on the AH-64, Mi-24, and Mi-28.

3. The Chopper Gunner, AT-4, or RPG-7 in MW2. Yes, I jsut said that.

4. The Handheld Minigun in CoD: Black Ops. Yes, I just said that too.
noob: w00t! I can haz Chopper Gunner

1337 player: Nice noobcannon on that bird, but you won't have it for long. Good night..........


noob: WTF? What happened? *knife*

1337 player: XD
by CoD playa hata September 13, 2010
Minigun, used primarily by noobs in Soldat who are Douche McBags. Also used by experts who want to humiliate people.
I just knifed that noob carrying the noobcannon.
by Sexmeplease January 19, 2007
The Fuel Rod Gun from Halo
1337 Sniper was pwned by killer_88's noob cannon
by Arrow January 10, 2005
1: A label given to any weapon that is deemed over powered

2: The AWP
Oh mai gawd! You fuckin n00b! Wth ur fuckin Noob-Cannon!
by Capacop1997 December 17, 2010
Gamer Defeinition: A gun li3x u53d by 73h n00b5 7h47 h45 4 high r473 0f fir3 4nd li3x 1 sh0t xill5.

Regular definition: A gun usualy in FPS used by n00bs to kill enemy players without having to make a large effort or have any skill.

In Call of Duty 2, the Trench gun is known as the n00b cannon
n00b: 0 l00x im soooooooo to41y ub3r pr0. i cud pwn u wi7h my big 7r3nch gun.

n00b kills 5 people without trying...

1337 Ub3r Pr0 dud3: OMFG!!! bunch o n00b 455 gh3ys! 570p u5in t3h fricx3n n00b c4nn0n!!!

(death to all that use the noob cannon)
by death5089 November 11, 2006
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