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A noob that is extemely gay, they usually are bisexual and suck at gaming.
Hey Tyler, you suck at Call of Duty, you noob cake!
by KoreanxPownage April 08, 2011
One who is more noob than noob cake or noob muffin making it a noob bakery.
Man! You ain't a noob cake! Your worse! a noob bakery!! :3
by SoKawaiiBri March 04, 2011
a noob who is greater than all tha otha noobs
yo that noob cake cant get one kill
by pimpaholic May 13, 2006
The best Battle.net troll ever
OMFG Noobcake didn't he start the NSSDC(S)?
by Anon February 07, 2005