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Noob zombies is a word used by most forums and games to describe a infection of noobs.
They commonly troll forums posting stupid answers to every stupid thread there is which in return causes more stupidity with the once intelligent forum users.

The infection and uprising of noobs can be caused by one noob. or simply a newbie who is new and thinks he is better than those who have played years whitlist the user having a playtime of only playing 5 minutes..

Many users fear the "noob zombies" because it can start wiki drama and violence.

The symptoms of this Disease are the following.

1.stuttered speech (such as using ones or zeros in sentances or severe misspells)

2. Drama (noob zombies have been known to output a severe amount of drama.

3.Violence (noobs have been known to make personnel threats to people when in reality he would punk out)
Hank: been to lately?

Suffery: hell no..theres so many noob zombies there

Hank: ok how about yahoo answers?

Suffery: ok ill take a look


Suffery: 0mg i f331 funn3

Hank: oh god no! suffery!!!?!?!!?

Suffery: 1t hu4ts

Hank: ill find a cure!
by Suffery July 06, 2009
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