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One or more qualities\traits of a person playing a video game that makes them a noob.Clan tags, armor effects/perks, armor/clothing, gamertag/playstation ID, weapons used, teabagging, kd ratio. Most of these pertain to Halo/COD since they are probably the two most played multiplayer series. Some people could have these traits/qualities but not be a noob, but these noob detectors still work on about 80% of people.
here are some noob detectors: clan tags: swag, pro, mlg awsm. armor abilities/perks: armor lock, jetpack, martyrdom, juggernaut. armor/clothing:eva(c), hayabusa. Weapons used: noobtubes, turrets, rockets. teabagging: teabagging itself is for noobs, but almost everyone does it so teabag for no reason=noob teabagging the winning team=super noob. teabagging losing team/assholes on your team that kill you= completely acceptable. kd ratio: If negative=noob if positive=not a noob
by ExplosiveSoap August 13, 2011
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