In cs (counter strike) it is the xm1014 auto shotgun(auto shotty). it has a fast reload and a fast fire rate. you can also stop reloading to fire off a round into the fave of an opponent.
OMFG! that is like your sixth kill with the noob cannon. get a real gun.
by ~|~()|\/| November 27, 2006
Top Definition
A weapon in a first person shooter which all the newbs use because its easy to kill others with, or they aren't ready or willing to give another gun a shot.
In Rainbow Six 3, the Grenade Launcher is the noob cannon, most servers don't even run it unless they want amusement.
by Ghost Freeman October 17, 2004
Weapon that is extremely easy to pwn with, or is ridiculously lame to use because it probably fires nuclear missiles at the opponent.
Counter Strike: "That fucking awp whore should put that noob cannon down and then try getting kills."

Call Of Duty: "Err lol how about you don't use a gun which has a million bullets with little to no recoil?!" - referring to the PPSH.

Etc etc.
by XtRaVa October 11, 2005
term used in first person shooters to describe a gun that is considered too easy to use and is used by noobs. most commonly used in counterstrike to describe the AWP/AWM(a powerful sniper rifle that kills with 1 shot). also used to describe the autosnipers and auto-shotgun, as well as guns in other games.
omfg u pussy!!!!!111!!1! put down the noob cannon¬!!¬!!!"! use a real gun u loser!
by meheheheh September 20, 2005
In Call of Duty its the PPSh which is a 71 round submachine gun that allows the player who is using it to spray his hot lead all over the place. Favoured by nOObs, hence noob cannon.
Jake PPSh'd Da Sniper
Da Sniper:U fookin newark stop usin da noob cannon and fight like a man
Jake: NO!
by Cryongenic Ragamuffin September 08, 2004
A big green sniper rifle which dosent require skill or advanced aiming ability to kill with.
I'm a n00b and need an AWM to kill
by Mickie M March 12, 2004
A sore losers lame excuse for being killed by a powerful weapon

The developers see no problems in these weapons, because if they had, they would've taken it out, now wouldn't they?
Common Noob Cannon Arsenal

CSS - Arctic Warfare Magnum AWP

CoD4 - M203/A1/PI Grenade launcher

CSS - Sig SG550 Sniper or G3/SG1
by Mcfinnegan August 20, 2008
In CounterStrike, the Autoshotgun. You can spot a noob from a mile away because of the sound.
"shit, you look like a huge walking twat useing the fuckin noobcannon. get some fucking talent."
by Anti November 30, 2004
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