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(Verb) Unable to act, speak, or think; bewilderd
After reading many letters and statements, Gean was nonplussed by it all and had to take a breath.
by binomialNomenclaturesk November 23, 2009
20 4
Often misused as meaning unfazed, but actually means bewildered.
English majors are nonplussed about how "nonplussed" has, over time, become so misused.
by ekf March 27, 2005
76 14
confused, bewildered
The news of a new reorganization got him nonplussed.
by Biragana May 12, 2010
12 3
Someone that doesn't have a Google+ Account, or perhaps any other social network account. A person who may have no knowledge of social networks.
You missed the party? I had no idea you were Nonplussed.
by Kingmikey July 15, 2011
7 18
When your bank card won't work at another bank's ATM because your bank is on the Plus System debit network, but the ATM is not.
Many "foreign ATMs" are on the Interlink or Star networks -- they are nonplussed.
by FuzzyBS March 04, 2011
3 15
When someone is lickin' on a D
I'm completely nonplussed.
by treasureman July 19, 2011
4 19