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2 definitions by FuzzyBS

Fake or alternative version of Feng Shui. May be spread like a meme (such as Feng Shui itself), or may be perpetrated (as a crime) upon fad-following wannabes who have more enthusiasm than intelligence.

Also, the concept of interior design moreover.
An American investigative television program exposed several so-called Feng Shui experts using hidden cameras which revealed that these lack-luster furniture arrangers were nothing more than Faux Shui con artists who could do nothing to improve the appearance or function of the space.
by FuzzyBS July 04, 2011
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When your bank card won't work at another bank's ATM because your bank is on the Plus System debit network, but the ATM is not.
Many "foreign ATMs" are on the Interlink or Star networks -- they are nonplussed.
by FuzzyBS March 04, 2011
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