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The concept of being against all things. It is commonly accepted to be the first word which is made up only a prefix and suffix, no actual word.
Thomas: Hey let's go to a movie
Emanuel: Hell no i am firmly against movies.
Thomas: Well then lets go get some food.
Emanuel: Hell no i am firmly against food and getting it.
Thomas: What are you not against?
Emanuel: I am a nonist, meaning i believe in nonism, so i am against everything.
Thomas: Doesn't believing in nonism go against the entire concept and, if you are agaist everything, how is it possible for you to be alive right now?
Emanuel: WHA!*boom*
(head explodes)

this small sketch shows that it is ultimatley an impossibility for one to be a true nonist and that the word can only really be used to describe one who is against MOST things.
by Nick And Gregg July 26, 2006
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