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If you've been nomming on something and you thought it was good, you'd say it was nommage.
My manwich was nommage!
by OhMyDaysLookItsJack May 02, 2008
Something good to eat, or eating a lot
Wow, that cheesecake makes excellent nommage

There's some serious nommage going on there...
by ChaosDragon December 02, 2008
Nibbling of any sort- but more commonly referred to when in the context of interaction between two people. Nommage/nomming can be sexual in nature- a person will perform nommage on the skin of a partner. Nommage is the reaching and biting motion of the lips. This results in a soft, tickling feeling.
"I really like nommage, it's so cute and tickley...except when the person has chapped lips. Or, if I'm nomming, smelly feet. Post-shower nommage is definitely the best type of Nom, for serious."
by Caitlin George April 29, 2008
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