when a slightly over weight women in the midst of sex her fanny lumps begin to wack one against the other after the man releaves the vagina from his penis and a sound of "nom nom nom" is made from the vagina.. which is defined as noming
damien:oh.. yes.... yes.. YES YES CLAIRE. YES!. urghh... oh that was nice... huh claire?
claie: nom nom nom
by kimtwino February 15, 2009
The noise my cats make when they are scarfing down their food. It sounds like a cross between the word nom and a deep growl.
I place tuna on a plate and my kitty Oscar goes nuts. He then eats the tuna in a very fast manner and makes a growling noise that sounds just like "om nom nom nom."

The nom nom nom is no joke.
by Tiny Avenger March 26, 2008
The act of eating out ones butt cheeks
Ms.G was checking out that girl and thinking ummmh nom nom nom
by Calculus Class August 08, 2008
Munchies when your high.
by Lionessnire November 04, 2014

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