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Antithesis of YOLO (you only live once)

1. A NOLO situation results when you fail to go all out (as prescribed by the yolo motto)
2. Also applies to describe a yolo situation that goes horribly wrong
1. Me: you coming out tonight?

Josh: nah man I have to get up early tomorrow.

Me: Dude! there's gonna be tons of sluts

Josh: Just not feelin it, nolo

Me: Noooloooo

2. Me: dude I got some last night

AJ: was it who I think it was

Me: .......

by Nolo12 March 29, 2013
An abbreviation of the term "No Love". Used to declare a status of being single or not wanting to fall in love. In some cases, expresses the lack of belief in love itself.
"Hell nah, I don't love that girl, homie, NOLO!"
by shiboi505 July 01, 2012
Pronounce nyo-lo. It is placed where a lesser person would say yolo, to make a mockery of them.
Bob: Turns out I banged my own sister, ñolo.

Jimmy: You mean yolo right?

Bob: Dw ;)
by hypedatjam August 07, 2012
NOLO is a term used when you leave your house momentarily, but need to return one or more times to retrieve a critical item, such as a forgotten phone, wallet, or keychain. It stands for Never Only Leave Once.
You leave your house to go to the beach for the weekend and say goodbye to all of your roommates, only to return 10 seconds later after realizing you forgot your cellphone. Upon re-entry to the house, you yell out "NOLO!" To indicate the nature of your return.
by curltastrophe April 25, 2014
Inspired by the word YOLO, this is the antithesis. "Not only live once."
- Aw dud, I can't come with you to the party.
- Don't you worry, NOLO
by Larsnolonolo February 20, 2014
Apparently an insult in two different languages, so you can say it when someone says "yolo" and they'll just think it's a crappy comeback.
Man 1: YOLO!!1!11!
Man 2: Nolo.
Man 1: That's a crappy comeback.
Man 2: *smiles at his naivety*
by qqwweerrttyyuuiiooppaassddff March 06, 2014
Niggaz Only Live Once
Got shot today #NOLO
Fucked a bitch today #NOLO
Gonna smoke some weed today #NOLO
by TheMuffinMan May 29, 2012

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