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a rare exotic yellow citrus fruit that strongly resembles--and is confused with--lemons in appearance and taste. Often served as a slice or a wedge in drinks.
Customer: I'd like an iced tea with no lemon.
Waitress: Certainly!

Customer: What's this? (*fishes out a yellow slice of fruit*)
Waitress: That's a NOLEMON.
#fruit #citrus #rare exotic fruit #no lemon #yellow fruit
by baystater-tmsj February 09, 2010
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a fruit strongly resembling and tasting like lemon and often mistaken for lemon. Served in slices or wedges, often in iced tea.
Customer: I want NO lemon in my drink.
Waitress: Certainly.

Customer: What is this? (*fishing out a slice of yellow fruit from drink*)
Waitress: That is NOLEMON.
#lemon #fruit #citrus #rare tropical fruit #nolemen
by tmsj-baystater February 09, 2010
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