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Bonnat chocolate that is melted down and remolded as the most expensive chocolate in the world, with a markup over 1000%. Appealing to those who believe price equals quality. Exposed on dallasfood.org.
Noka chocolate is really expensive, and for no good reason whatsoever. What a ripoff!
by Montrealer December 21, 2006
1. The act of being sarcastic
2. A type of dialogue that can continue for up to 3 minutes and 43 seconds, almost always a joke

it involves one talking constantly from the point of view of someone or a type of person you hate

normally used by controversial/devil's advocate type people who are outwardly neutral and normally make fun of what is popular and people who try not to do whats popular
it consists of talking in a stereotypical douchebag type voice bragging or talking about themselves, the people involved will normally take turns adding to someone else's noka or creating their own

3. A type of friend or acquaintance who has a very gray and bland style of humor and is still somehow one of the funniest people you know
1. Guy 1: I like the jonas brothers sooooooooooooo much
Thing 2: Common don't pull a noka on me

2. You know, schools are like bad and stuff, I mean, what did they ever teach me you know? Those adults man just hate on us kids man. I'm just gonna move to SF and sit on the corner of Haight-Ashbury and play my acoustic guitar, you know listen to some bob marley. Be down with the gays, vote no on prop 8 but for god sake keep them away from me . But I'm cool with the black man and lots of people like obama so I think I'll support him.

Why is nick so funny?
by nateguy November 16, 2008
saying hi to someone or calling someone a name but saying a so called "cruse word"
what's up Noka

why is he being such a noka
by kristina April 08, 2004