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Noisia is also a three-man Drum & Bass production crew from Groningen, NL, comprising Thijs de Vlieger, Nik Roos and Martijn van Sonderen.

They have recorded for a variety of labels including Shadow Law Recordings (USA), oBSEssions (NL), Citrus (NL), Renegade Hardware (UK), Movin' Shadow (UK), Subtitles (UK) and BC Presents (UK).

Their name originates from seeing the word VISION written upside-down.
Noisia & Mayhem - Lockjaw (Citrus)
Konflict - Messiah - Noisia remix (Renegade Hardware)
Noisia - Block Control (Movin' Shadow)
by ESSELLKAY June 10, 2005
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Noisia is a ghey pop band based in the Netherlands.
Abba - Knowing You, Knowing Me (Noisia remix).mp3
by Noisia December 18, 2002
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very cheesy pop band for NL ghey's.
Abba - Knowing You, knowing me (noisia remix)
by Noisia December 18, 2002
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