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Short for the Magnoila Projects in New Orleans, LA. Magnolia Projects are a really bad neighbor hood but spawned the best southern rap out there. Made popular in Juvenile's song "Noila Clap." All other definitions are just wrong.
Ima go chill in dat noila!
by The Fonz985 November 05, 2005
Something real hot. Taking something to the next level. Something that fiya. Keeping if hood and proper at the damn side. Keep it legit and stay hood wit it. Also means carrying a shank
JCASH from Strong Island is mad noila sen.
by J April 29, 2004
Means something dat is hot. Shit that is tuff. Or a place in new orleans. Made popular by JCASH from Strong Island
Da nigga JCASH is mad noila
by PAul April 29, 2004
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