Noun. Short for paranoid. Someone who is extremely warry of their surroundings, usually due to marajuana.
"Avoid the 'noid"
by iamnotjb June 09, 2003
adj. (noy-d)
The expression of an idea or concept being a bad one, that will likely end with bad results. derived from the word "paranoid", it originates from use within circles of drug users, particularly cannabis, where paranoia is easily triggered.
a: hey, why don't we go smoke a joint then go to the police station?
b: nah man, thats noid.

a: wha'dya wanna do?
b: why don't we go to that party?
a: sounds noid.

a: dude, you wanna go see justin bieber?
b: noid.
by tokester1029 December 02, 2010
What 3-year-olds call Wonka Nerds.
I'ma need some candy noiw! Noids!!
by drunk|ballerina November 06, 2005
The proper way of pronouncing "nerd" if you are a nerd.
Hey!!! Get off my star wars lunchbox NOIDS!!
by nerd-mobile February 28, 2011
An unpleasant, stupid, or ineffectual person. (Note: my friends coined this in college in 1983--before the Domino's pizza ads)
Shut up, noid!
by Bob St. Cul April 02, 2003
A real abnoctious person most likley your bro or sis
Dude you are a real Noid.
by MArvelgirl July 12, 2008
An affectionate term for handicapped people, short for spaznoid.
Really? My brother is a noid too, but he was born with it.
by casperoony March 08, 2006

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