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When a negro runs across a 4, 6, 8 or 12 lane interstate highway like he is playing a life-size version of Frogger.
Watch out!! There's a nogger hopping over the barrier of the highway.
by WhiteDude February 01, 2013
A demeaning derivative of the N-word *Nigger*.

The term Nigger, was used in the mid 1900 as a demeaning term to describe a black person.
In the latest years the N-word "Nigger" is no longer seen as demeaning, and in black cultures often used as "brother"

The term nogger came up to get back to the original humiliation of the N-word, even amongst youth.
"Yo whazzup my nigga?"
"Everything cool ma ho bro!"

"Look at those noggers! They can't even speak English properly!"
"One nogger down, one less to worry about".
by Fukaface! December 21, 2010
A nigger that resides mostly in swampy/marshy like areas located in Georgia, Mississippi, and most recently documented in some parts of Louisiana. Their diet consits mostly of fried chicken, blue or red Kool-aid}, and mustard greens. They are very territorial and tend to be hostile.
"Don't wander into that there swamps, there be a nogger in there I reckon."
by The Mad Crapper May 07, 2007
A slightly less racist term for a Black man. Also a delicious Swedish Ice Cream.
"What BAAAAR is he?"
"He is... A Nogger!"
by Dark Night Enforcer January 27, 2015
A person who gives oral sex. Derived from the synonym for 'brains' and comes from 'noggin'.
Your friend over there is a nogger.
by Monsieur Blanc April 02, 2009
Only used near me apparently, football been termed this since I were a wee lad
by 'Moby' May 14, 2003
A mug or glass of eggnog
A nogger is best with a little ground nutmeg sprinkled over it.
by wolf lover December 04, 2013
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