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A self-righteous moron so f***in full of himself that he couldn't even stop for 5 freakin seconds to take a picture when I met him in Harrods this summer. Still leads a great band though, and has written and sung some of the best songs in rock. Had I met Liam instead, it probably would've come to a ruck.
Me: "Noel, couldn't I possibly take a five-second wasting picture with you pretty pretty please with sugar and the Beatles on top?"
Noel: "No." (Walks off)
Me: (thinks) "Bastard."
by Michael December 07, 2003
synonym - The Chief, Big Brother, Noel, etc.

Britain's revolutionary singer/songwriter/guitarist of the 90s. His contributions have brought the musical depression of England back on its feet. His gift for melody and appreciation for musical values has already made him a rock n' roll legend in the pages britain's finest.
"Noel" is god.
by The Swamp Song February 06, 2004
one of the most talented blokes in history.oasis are the best unlike some bands i could mention!(slipknot,korn,etc).he deserves a medal sir noel gallagher it has a ring to it.
hes rocks
by sam dude November 25, 2003
The most talented musician, period. Plus he's incredibly good looking. What more do you need?
Bigger than the Beatles? Almost.
by songbird February 10, 2005
Simply- Noel Gallagher stands for working class Hero
by David Greenwell October 22, 2003
Monobrowed Legend: Older brother of liam gallagher, noel has written some of the greatest songs of all time, just listen to acquiesce or any other song from the master plan, morning glory or definately maybe
"Because we neeeeed each other, we belive in one and other"
"so sally can waaaaait she knows it's too late as we're walkin on by"
by Josh July 03, 2004
Simply the most talented, charming, attractive man in the history of British rock.
that guy looks like a Noel Gallagher
by Jennifer October 05, 2003
Modern-day Beethoven.
Noel Gallagher is a fucking legend.
by Mike Smith III December 02, 2006