Living Legend lead guitarist of Oasis funny guy and wrote some of the best songs ever
All we know is that we don't know - Noel Gallagher
by IamLegend123 January 25, 2008
fucking when he plays guitar *drool* bit of a twat though :-(

stop trying to do a noel gallagher haircut u retard!
by ur left testicle with love x March 01, 2004
Possibly the coolest man to walk the face of this Earth.
I went to see Noel Gallagher at the Albert Hall. He was immense
by quinn_1888 May 17, 2010
Dickhead who needs to learn to shut his mouth sometimes. He supports Manchester city then bags out other soccer uniforms for not being good, a bit hypocritical.
Not only copies the Beatles but has also admitted to plagiarising from Burt Bacharach , search for yourself.
'Whatever' lyrics- some highly sophisticated lyricism by Noel Gallagher.
by Mgcuydsv October 19, 2006
A self-righteous moron so f***in full of himself that he couldn't even stop for 5 freakin seconds to take a picture when I met him in Harrods this summer. Still leads a great band though, and has written and sung some of the best songs in rock. Had I met Liam instead, it probably would've come to a ruck.
Me: "Noel, couldn't I possibly take a five-second wasting picture with you pretty pretty please with sugar and the Beatles on top?"
Noel: "No." (Walks off)
Me: (thinks) "Bastard."
by Michael December 07, 2003

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