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What a person says when a they pass gas to reassure the people around them that it isn't going to smell. This is no guarantee of the bowel movement not smelling though.
We don't need to roll down the windows, it was only a nodor.
by cman86 January 28, 2008
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n. The property of odorlessness. If a substance is completely odorless, it has "perfect nodor." If it is only partially odorless, it is said to have "partial nodor," or "semi-nodor."
The man tried to sniff out the carbon monoxide leak, but was unable to due to the gas's high degree of nodor. Yeah... he died.
by Menno December 08, 2004
Nut Odor.

Odor emitted from the male groin area.
I can't sit by Billy because his nodor is too strong.
by Tdawg March 23, 2005

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