A Strange Enemy From the game Kingdom Hearts II. Nobodies are the hollow shells left from when a heartless steals a person's heart. If that person had a strong will, they would become a Nobody. Nobodies are essentially pale white creatures that defy belief and become organized. Now if one with an extremely strong will is killed by a heartless, his/her Nobody keeps their original body form, and they command over all the other Nobodies. One Prime example of this is Organization XIII. Nobodies exist in neither Light or Darkness. They are what is in-between. They exist because neither the Light nor Darkness accepts them. The Nobodies live in Nothingness. Since they have no heart, they cannot feel. Nobodies where originally thought to first appear in Kingdom Hearts Chain Of Memories but in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, an optional battle is with Xemnas, the leader of Organization XIII.
"You accept darkness, yet choose to live in the light. So why is it that you loathe us (Nobody) who teeter on the edge of nothing? We who were turned away by both light and dark - never given a choice?"

-Xemnas, Kingdom Hearts II
by KeybladeMasterXVIII August 21, 2010
Anti-people and creatures created when someone loses their heart. Has to be a person with a strong heart. If they were strong enough, they actually have a humanoid representation of their true self. Normally, it is the person's original name scrambled with an "x" to signify their non-existence. There is an organization of the strongest Nobodies called Organization 13.

From the Kingdom Hearts game series, specifically Kingdom Hearts 2, and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.
"You were never meant to exist, Roxas" Namine, another Nobody, Kingdom Hearts 2.

(Roxas = Sora)
by KHFan October 18, 2010
Nobody is who people say would do something. This is usually said right after someone does the very deed, frequently to that person's face.
Nobody calls me a nobody!
by Downstrike December 01, 2004
A nobody is a person who does not comply with popular society. There are in the middle of the Townie, chav, scum on one side, and the skater, grundge, goth on the other.
generally forced to loosly folow one of the above styles. Townies regard them as geeks, skaters as hippies
by bob March 28, 2005
The worst thing to be called as a halo player
Omg that nobody jus tried to own me that stupid noob
by Christian Burgos September 26, 2007
see perfect
Nobody is perfect and mia is ALMOST perfect!
by NOBODYISPERFECT March 02, 2003
Nobody is perfect,but my name is nobody so that makes me perfect
nobody is perfect,worship him...
by noboofy August 28, 2003

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