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An anorexic mexican who eat one ramen noodle a day to train for the sport of paintball and anorexic olimpics
that nobile is guan waste away eating only 1 noodle a day
by boobmaster3000 February 16, 2008
from the mexican background. it means to be someone that mows other people lawns for a very low price.
Hey! Go mow my lawn you nobile!
by joey fredup January 09, 2005
a retarded person who jsut stands there in the hallway smiling. Often follows you around smiling also.
Stop smiling nobile ur gay.
by sum kid January 11, 2005
one who is a huge tool and is obsessed with kayla

a tool with long hair

someone who is a complete idiot/ one who is used by other people, and usually dosen't even realize it/ someone who can't think for themselves/ an asshat.
bro y aree u such a nobile
nigga i cant help it
by Michael Catanzaro January 27, 2009