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Somebody who has a nob on their head
by Sam April 26, 2003
Everyone from London is a nobhead (see dickhead)
That cheerful cockney chap looks a right nobhead in his pearly king outfit.
by Double Dee January 22, 2004
in america it is the bellend (the head of a penis) many people in england belive this reasn but another comorn reason is a penis on the ead.
spongebob squarepants in a nob head

jack freeth is a nob head
by jimbo big cock May 07, 2009
A nob head simply displays a noob or dave mashal in other words
"Nob head get on Socom 2 so I can Uber Pwn you"
by tu padre October 09, 2006
one whose skull bone structure bears more than a passing resemblance to a penis
hey who is that penis shaped Cranium guy?

aw its just some nob head
by Sid67 November 24, 2004