A person whose words ,actions ,thought processes are considered frivolous or stupid .
Kat and Amo are a pair of nob heads.
by Redamo November 23, 2014
An idiot, a retard, a moron. Basically a contemptible person. Less common spelling of 'knobhead'.

Sometimes they are found in teams or groups. They drink, tell jokes about retards, and go off to random people and give them random hallow threats. People who are nobheads often call other people nobheads. :P

Nobhead is a word for men; by MEN! Men who remember freedom! Before seat belts and helmets and condoms! When you could drive drunk, and feel up young girls, and sing along to rock power ballads, and smoke in bars, and get in fights! And wake up in a pile of your own vomit with your eyebrows shaved off!
A nobhead and a kid wearing a cap confront each other.
Nobhead: "I hate cap wearnin' pricks"
Cap Kid stays silent but gets angry and so he decides to fight the Nobhead.
Nobhead defeats the Cap kid.
Bystander 1: "WTF is this shite?"
Bystander 2: "This is nothing, just a couple of nobheads beating each other off... Just the usual."
by Notorious N.O.B. August 08, 2013
Everyone from London is a nobhead (see dickhead)
That cheerful cockney chap looks a right nobhead in his pearly king outfit.
by Double Dee January 22, 2004
in america it is the bellend (the head of a penis) many people in england belive this reasn but another comorn reason is a penis on the ead.
spongebob squarepants in a nob head

jack freeth is a nob head
by jimbo big cock May 07, 2009
A nob head simply displays a noob or dave mashal in other words
"Nob head get on Socom 2 so I can Uber Pwn you"
by tu padre October 09, 2006
one whose skull bone structure bears more than a passing resemblance to a penis
hey who is that penis shaped Cranium guy?

aw its just some nob head
by Sid67 November 24, 2004
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