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Usually a person that tries hard to hang out with preps, yuppies and snobs, but never is really accepted. Claims to be everyone's friend. Will tell you he can get anything and do anything because he's so awesome, but usually never comes through. Is a man of empty promises and few real friends. Likes to buy expensive clothes to impress said shallow preps, yuppies and snobs, but usually can't afford them. Usually very insecure. His favored group usually uses the no-getter for grades, items or favors. Usually is a pathalogical liar. The grass is always greener on the other side with this guy. Many can be FOBs or 2nd generation immigrants that want white kids to accept them.

Listen, but only challenge when the no-getter makes baseless, insecure insults towards you. Take pity on these people, usually they have a warped sense of what friendship is about.
The no-getter likes to claim everyone is his friend, but little does he know everyone thinks he is gullible.

I got the no-getter to do my homework in exchange for an invite to the party.

This no-getter totally bought $400 shoes to fool people he is rich, but he's broke.

Tom is such a no-getter; he goes all over town claiming he's a big business tycoon when he lives at home and makes no money from his online business.
by darkstar67 May 02, 2005
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